A clear choice for today’s mission critical challenges, CentralSquare software helps agencies leverage innovative technology for the fastest multi-agency, multi-discipline, and multi-jurisdiction response with the most efficient and effective resource utilization capabilities. One-third of the top 18 cities in the country have systems that enable coordinated fire, EMS, and police response — and they all are powered by CentralSquare solutions — demonstrating why interconnected and interoperable public safety systems are the clear choice.

Agencies using CentralSquare Public Safety Suite Enterprise
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Clearing 40% of abandoned calls without a call back
Spending 60% less time writing reports with web-based records
Booking inmates 30% faster
2 min.
Saving 2 minutes per dispatch with unit swap
Check out 12 ways the Public Safety Suite Enterprise solutions can help your agency.
  1. It's a full suite of integrated software with the greatest depth and breadth of offerings in the industry, including 911, CAD, Mobile, Records and Jail.
  2. They deliver technology ready for the next generation, including a 911 solution that incorporates data into the call taking process and uses cell phone coordinates to pinpoint caller location to a specific GPS; dispatchers can send and receive texts and media to responders and callers, and even numbers not coming in as a 911 call (i.e. missing persons, etc.).
  3. Dispatchers and responders have better awareness and insight with CAD+911 which warns them about pertinent information like outstanding warrants and hazardous materials that might be involved in the incident; 911 data is available throughout the suite for immediate insight into the call details.
  4. CAD provides the best and fastest recommendation algorithms and equips dispatchers with additional time-saving tools like automatic dispatch, unit swap and automatic statusing.
  5. Police, Fire and EMS can better communicate and coordinate their response with a system designed for multi-agency, multi-discipline and multi-jurisdictional support.
  6. Multi-agencies can configure the system to their needs with highly complex, agency-defined rules and dispatch plans that run a dozen or more layers deep.
  7. Agencies benefit from more interoperability with an integrated system that breaks down data silos and provides an open API for third-party integration and connects CAD systems across CentralSquare solutions.
  8. Office and field staff can access data anywhere with a comprehensive web-based records management system that lowers total cost of ownership, simplifies maintenance and is easily shared with partnering agencies like the county attorney.
  9. Agencies can configure the records system to fit their needs with the system Module Builder—without vendor fees and development time.
  10. Responders are better connected and protected by extending the CAD connection outside of vehicle with the CJIS-compliant Field Ops app that runs on phones and tablets and enables media capture, automatic uploading to records, insight into calls, location information and more — with no VPN required.
  11. The integrated jail management solution saves over 30% in booking time with integrated data and better inmate and cell information.
  12. Plus much more! Solutions like CrimeMapping for citizen transparency and engagement, false alarm management, field training, electronic citations, data sharing and analytical insights across data repositories.

“We're going to be one of the first counties in Tennessee to have text to 911 and we're very proud of that. We've been working very hard to make that happen and we've discovered that the texting interface of the abandoned call processing is making it an easy transition for our telecommunicators to make that jump.”

John Stuermer, Executive Director
Hamilton County TN 911

“The Records Enterprise customer module builder is super powerful, super powerful. We’ve eliminated multiple third-party programs by incorporating our field training, electronic ticket writer, animal control reports and code enforcement reports.”

Kathy Bailey, Records Supervisor
Northglenn Police Department

“We have put a variety of interfaces in place with our CAD Enterprise. We use the enhanced abandoned call processing functionality that allows us to initiate calls to the wireless callers who hang up before we make a connection with the caller; that clears somewhere around 40% of our abandoned calls through the software, without the dispatcher having to pick up the phone and make a call back—which is fantastic.”

Stephen Martini, Director
Williamson County Emergency Communications

“We use RapidSOS and have just invested in CLQ with CAD Enterprise so we have a full circle of caller location tools now. If we don't have the information at the initial 911 call, the dispatcher can go in and do a query with CLQ get their exact location. This is especially helpful in our county with all of our trails and off-road injury accidents, and those times when a caller is a bit frantic and cannot tell us their location or gives us their home address vs. their current location.”

Marie Althearn, Deputy Director
Johnson County (KS) Emergency Management Communications

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