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See the power of a common operating picture in action by viewing this five-minute demo above.

Create a Common Operating Picture


CentralSquare Citigraf is a strategic decision support system that empowers public safety departments to build a comprehensive, better informed understanding of what’s happening in their community. Whether it’s receiving an emergency call, responding to incidents, or ensuring public safety at an event, Citigraf provides a common operating picture so your personnel are equipped to make better decisions based on timely information.

Through its intuitive interface and map display, Real Time Crime Centers (RTCC) get a complete overview of live and historical data that provides better situational awareness and empowers responders and command staff to make better, faster and more informed decisions.

Consolidate and search data Consolidate and Search Data from Various Sources Citigraf allows you to automatically collect, filter and analyze data from multiple sensors and systems, and use it to build a better, coordinated response. Consolidate relevant information such as surveillance camera video feeds, license plate readers, mug shots, shot spotter detection systems, 911 call details, witness media, RMS historical data such as gun incident arrests, sex offenders, open cases in the vicinity, and more. Map-based views enable users to easily see all relevant information in a selected incident radius and click into the representative map icons for more detail.
Coordinate Response Coordinate Response with a Common Operational View Citigraf displays relevant and useful information to help multiple agencies respond with a common operational view for a better, coordinated response. Empower your team with instant intelligence for better decision making. Provide relevant, accurate details from data sources selected in real-time from a myriad of sources including law enforcement, emergency management, city services, citizen media and more.
Data-driven Intelligence Data-driven Intelligence Citigraf continually analyzes information from camera-fed sensors, systems and data sources, assisting responders by bringing to light relevant trends and correlation of historical and live data for improved visibility over in-progress incidents. Measure the effectiveness of policing initiatives and optimize strategies for improved preparedness.
Smartphone Connected Operations Center, In-Vehicle, Smartphone Connected Share key information with responders in-vehicle through their MDT units and out-of-vehicle through the smartphone app. Bidirectional video sharing enables responders to share video streams from their phone and receive video from the operations center. Provide seamless, connected response with in-app messaging, map-based mobile user location tracking and CAD call monitoring, gunshot detection notifications and more.

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