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While in-vehicle mobile units keep field personnel in the know, what happens when they leave their vehicle? Radio communication isn’t always ideal. Without insight into incident details and location information, responders are vulnerable and the command center has limited insight to assist. Plus, way too many responders are operating on outdated technology that slows them down.

Responders are safer and better prepared when armed with Field Ops. Field Ops provides insight into active and pending calls, comments from dispatch, hazard/caution information, notification of assigned CFS, state/NCIC information such as driver’s license barcode scanning and VIN, and more. It situates responders with an integrated, interactive map for viewing CFS and units with AVL. Plus, they can load images directly to case files with a convenient app that goes where they do. Whether on-duty or off-duty, responders and those who supervise them have better insight – are better prepared – and save time with Field Ops.

CentralSquare - Field Ops

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“It’s saving us time and it takes the photo directly off the phone and into the app. It’s a great perk to have that immediate upload.”
Field Ops - St. James Parish Sheriff’s Office, LA

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Plus All This:

  • RESPONDER SAFETY: Connect the comm center and supervisors to responders outside their cars, walking the beat, on indoor duty, or on motorcycle, bike, or horse patrol
  • SIMPLE DIGITAL EVIDENCE COLLECTION: Responders can upload media from their tablets or phones, with data stored in the secure AWS data center and not on their device (available for the Pro and IMC platforms)
  • FAST AND SECURE STATE/NCIC QUERIES: Responders can run state/NCIC queries directly from their mobile devices. Queries can be run faster than ever before by using the DL and VIN barcode scanning (available for the Pro and Enterprise platforms).
  • BETTER SUPERVISOR INSIGHT: Give supervisors 24/7 insight into field operations and enable off-duty staff to check in as needed
  • FIRE AND EMS: Provide your fire and EMS responders, or non-regular responders, more insight into calls for service and unit location information with an affordable smartphone or tablet app

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