Easily Collect & Securely Share

CentralSquare DEMS is a case management system that helps you manage the storage and distribution of digital evidence from cameras and other devices. It’s a simple, secure and flexible way to help accelerate and improve investigations by facilitating collaboration and collection of all relevant sources of information in a centralized location. Using CentralSquare DEMS, evidence can be easily imported, shared across departments and saved to case files.


Bridging Systems

CentralSquare DEMS integrates with variety of data sources. Bridges can be built to connect data systems and seamlessly integrate with CentralSquare Records. All history is automatically tracked to ensure integrity throughout the evidence chain of custody process. Easily collect and securely share with CentralSquare DEMS.



Bring together all your evidence: Gather data from disparate sources and store in a centralized, scalable and secure system. Integrate video and other types of evidence into case files without storage capacity and server maintenance concerns.



Streamline labor-intensive tasks: Identify and attach media through map visualization of all sources. Expunge bystanders automatically from video footage, automate reporting, monitor performance and track clearance rates.



Ensure operations run smoothly: Synchronize with existing CAD and RMS platforms to ensure all information is accessible in a single location. Eliminate the redundancy of multiple applications and capture, store, access, and share evidence in a single, secure system.



Share evidence safely, at the click of a button: Collaborate with an unlimited number of users inside or outside your organization and eliminate the need to copy-and-paste information or copy records to physical media. Securely manage all digital access through user and group permissions to ensure only authorized users can view and share information.

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