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Technology has dissolved jurisdictional boundaries in almost every way except one - emergency response. When a crime or emergency occurs, like a heart attack or drowning, the initial response is often limited to the agencies within those jurisdictional boundaries, even if a neighboring agency’s units are closer.

Many neighboring public safety agencies are on disparate CAD systems that lack an easy, instant way to connect and share resources during an emergency. CAD-to-CAD interoperability is the cross-jurisdictional glue that connects public safety agencies to one another when a crisis strikes.

240 million calls to 911 are made each year. By cutting response time by even one minute, tens of thousands of people will receive the crucial help they need even faster. When PSAPs and agencies connect their CAD systems they benefit from the smarter utilization of resources, greater data accuracy, faster response times and more in order to save lives and restore order.

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Johnsonville and Springfield

What you need to know about CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD:

  • Slash up to 2 minutes of response time.
  • Linked CAD systems empower dispatchers to quickly identify, deploy and coordinate resources within an integrated, virtual response area regardless of traditional boundaries
  • Interface with more than 30 different CAD systems
  • Widely deployed and easily integrated
  • Patented technology powers seamless connectivity in complex operational environments of police, fire and EMS agencies throughout Canada and the U.S.

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