CentralSquare products available to customers free for a limited time during this crisis include:

  • Citizen Reporting: Our P2C solution includes citizen reporting capabilities which enable citizens to rapidly communicate with their law enforcement agencies. Now any CentralSquare customer can implement online citizen reporting and reduce in-person interactions. There will be no services or hosting fees. 
  • Field Ops and Freedom: These mobile applications help our customers work from different locations while minimizing person-to-person exposure in their agency. Both Freedom (for ONESolution) and FieldOps (for Enterprise, Pro, Tiburon, IMC, etc.) will now be free for license additions or new customers who may want to add them.
  • Digital Evidence Management Systems (DEMS): DEMS and video camera data aggregation enables officers, investigators and attorneys to use security camera video from city- or citizen-owned surveillance cameras to conduct investigations. We will provide DEMS and video camera data aggregation free of charge during this crisis.

Additionally, CentralSquare is providing free training to help optimize customers' emergency response during the COVID-19 pandemic through an on-demand video library and daily “power-hour” training sessions on system configuration. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Agencies interested in registering for a free trial are asked to email: [email protected]